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****We are VERY excited to finally announce our big news**** H2O Divers have teamed up with top design company OxyMoreOn to bring you what we hope – will revolutionise the way that technical divers view equipment. After a conversation at EuroTek2016 about how technical divers can sometimes feel left out by manufacturers compared to the


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We get many people wanting to rent an underwater camera and it’s understandable; divers want a memento of their underwater experiences and pretty fish. The trouble is, underwater photography is not as clear cut as taking a selfie with the latest smart phone. You need to have brilliant buoyancy control and good air management, otherwise


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Here’s Jenny’s blog on why she started technical diving and what made her continue: When I first learned technical diving I was an open water scuba instructor. Technical diving is basically defined as anything that involves decompression stops and my boyfriend at the time had completed his ‘tec‘ training and loved every minute of it.

The majority of out of gas situations are due to inadequate gas management skills as opposed to equipment malfunction. Far too many times, I have seen divers come out from a dive and not have a clue how much air they have left. They rely too much on the guide to ask when they have


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When I first learnt to dive I was taught to turn the tank valve on all the way, then a quarter turn back. I didn’t ask why at the time and yet many years later I found myself telling my students the same thing. Never once did anyone ask me why and I proceeded as

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