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My friend was cooking a meal for her family and before putting the meat in the tray, she cut the ends off. When her young daughter saw her do this, she asked why. My friend replied “it’s what I’ve always done; it’s how my mother did it”. The daughter was curious, so next time they

2016 WRAP-UP

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I was doing really well with blogs last year but-one… and miserably failed in 2016. I’m sure all y’all are gutted. Well – they are back so buckle-up. We’ve had some changes over 2016 – people have come in to our little #H2OFamily and some have left. Oli moved to the Cayman Islands earlier in


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Whoosh… a year has gone by. Remember what I’m talking about? That’s right, pat on the back for you. It has been one year since Team #WorldRecord350 helped Ahmed Gabr to break the world record for the deepest diver at 332.35m. Here’s a blog by Oli about the day itself: The 18th September 2014 was

“I shall call him squishy” Here in the Dahab we don’t get many dangerous jellyfish although they are likely to cause some irritation if touched. (see the theme… don’t touch them 🙂 ) Personally speaking, the most common one I tend to see is the Upside-down jellyfish (Cassiopea andromeda) in Bannerfish Bay hanging around in


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to see his flat mate. Bada-boom! OK, by ‘hedgehog’ I mean ‘sea urchin’ and by ‘road’ I mean ‘reef’. There is no punch line to that however. But Urchin is the Middle English term for Hedgehog so it links nicely in to my blog about sea urchins. Despite being black and spiky, these animals aren’t

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The majority of out of gas situations are due to inadequate gas management skills as opposed to equipment malfunction. Far too many times, I have seen divers come out from a dive and not have a clue how much air they have left. They rely too much on the guide to ask when they have